Energy Crisis Subsidy

2 November 2022 marks the start of the Energy Crisis Subsidy programme, a non-refundable cash grant available to large enterprises implementing energy efficiency related investments.

Eligibility criteria
• Activity: manufacturing (NACE 10-33)
• Company size: large
• CAPEX: min. EUR 0.5 mn (ca. HUF 206 mn)
◦ energy capacity expansion (e.g. solar panel installation)
◦ energy efficiency increase (e.g. consumption-reducing investments)

• Depending on the investment location:
◦ Budapest: max. 30%
◦ Other than Budapest: max. 45%

• Max. amount: EUR 15 mn (ca. HUF 6.2 bn)
• Budget: HUF 150 bn (ca. EUR 375 mn

In order to be prepared for the subsidy registration with a well defined and eligible project, we stand at your disposal on the following availabilities: